Why Industries should spend on going Green?

This may be an unconventional thought but after the detoxification of Nature by Earth, it becomes all the more important to restore it in its golden state. As you all would have seen the news headlines of visibility of mountain ranges from 200 kilometre away, we also saw a sharp drop in all kinds of measurable indicators of pollution. Just months back we had 6 of the world’s most polluted cities in India which was taken to disastrous levels.

But we can’t take environment for granted and if we don’t implement green technologies,it won’t take too much time to go back to bitter and worse stages.

We already know that for any industry working with Raw materials, a major chunk of cost already goes in cleansing the end product to the purer forms and still face taxes and penalties of Environmental boards.

Especially in post-COVID period when we are on the brink of Recession, whats more important is to invest our money wisely and in technologies that will bear sweetest fruits in the time to come.

BP estimated its 1993 operating expenditure on pollution prevention, control, abatement, or elimination to be £200 million, although its chief financial officer noted that environmental expenditure is difficult to identify because it is embedded within other day-to-day operating costs. In addition, BP charged about £160 million against profits for environmental remediation programs at service stations and other sites.

Hence Clean Technologies are what will give industries an edge in the long run.

Its a healthy option, not just for the industries but also for the domestic market, consumers and as well as investors

Contibuted by: Shivashish Kulshreshtha, NIT Calicut, Strategic Development Specialist at Phabio

Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivashish-nitcalicut/

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