Thinking of getting into the bioplastic industry?

Amazing! Let us help you out

As experts in PHA and having experience in the bioplastic domain, we offer consultation to the future green entrepreneurs. 

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We will help you with:

  • End to end setup support
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Raw material procurement
  • IP Filing
  • Project Report
  • Idea Development
  • Machinery Procurement
  • Networking

Connect with us and let us help you achieve your dreams


At Phabio, company culture comes first!

We are building a product for the future and we need like-minded individuals to join our team.

Neat PHA pellets are a wonderful material but to match it to more applications we compound it with different polymers.


If you are an engineer with experience and expertise in compounding biodegradable plastics, kindly write to us and we shall explore the opportunities of working together.


We would love to work with distributors who acquire neat PHA pellets and compound it for various applications having existing tie-ups with companies.

Conduct R&D

We want nothing more than enriching people’s life with our product. If you want to conduct R&D by mixing our pellets with other materials to explore various applications, kindly write to us and we can send you samples.


Develop a Product

We help companies become greener by custom developing a product for them. All you need to do is tell us your requirement and we shall develop a solution for you.


Brand Collaboration

We do brand collaborations and help you become a sustainable brand. We can collaborate with brands for their textile and packaging needs.

Raw Material Suppliers

Kindly visit our Product section to see what raw materials we can use. If you can provide us with such materials, we would be happy to test it out and collaborate with you. There are many models which we can explore.


Currently, we are refining our technology but please make sure to visit this section soon when we are ready to license out our technology.