PHA made from BIO

What we do ?

A polymer that can disappear from the environment altogether might just be what the world needs. We are a biotechnology company that produces PHA pellets. PHA’s have a lot on their curriculum vitae that suggests they are perfect for this moment. So what we do is that we create these amazing polymers which can replace single-use plastic from the world as they are suitable for endless applications. These pellets can be processed in the existing plastic manufacturing machineries.

What is pha ?

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) is a group of naturally biodegradable polymers that are made from nature. More than 150 different monomers can be combined within this group to produce materials with extremely different properties. The mechanical and biocompatibility of PHA can be changed by blending, modifying the surface of combining PHA with other polymers, enzymes, and inorganic materials, making it possible for a wider range of applications.

Why pha ?

Polyhydroxyalkanoates are plastic the way nature intended. PHAs provide a tunable property to substitute fossil fuel-derived plastics in a wide range of applications. PHAs are both bio-based and biodegradable which means they are both derived from nature and go back to nature. Making PHA leaves six times less carbon footprint than that of traditional plastic and another advantage is the transformations of toxic materials by microorganisms during fermentation.

why we do it ?

‘Modern world as we know it would not exist without plastic. But the world as we know it will not exist with plastic’. We believe that our dream of seeing a sustainable world without plastic waste is achievable by our collective passion and the advances in technology. We are merely chasing our dream to create an alternative to a wonderful product that is plastic. An alternative that originates from nature and goes back to nature.

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